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Selasa, 08 September 2009

Facebook Album Downloader Application: Fotobounce

facebook downloader

Fotobounce is a desktop application that currently runs on Windows XP and Vista which helps you manage photos in your Facebook and Flickr accounts right from the desktop. You can download old photos, upload new ones to the web or simply view your existing photo albums as a slideshow without downloading them locally.

Fotobounce features:

* Identify and tag family & friends
* Built in face recognition
* Organize your photos into albums
* Facebook and Flickr integration
* View photos from your mobile device
* Easy-to-use drag & drop interface

Fotobounce also includes built-in face recognition (similar to what you have in Google’s Picasa Albums) so you can quickly tag photos on the desktop and these people tags will be preserved even when the photos are uploaded on to Facebook.

Download Fotobounce | via labnol

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