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Senin, 14 Desember 2009

New Wave v0.8.2 Released (Gnome Theme)

new wave theme ubuntu

The New Wave Gnome theme was updated to version 0.8.2. This new version includes lots of changes:

- Statusbar, selected text, popups in Nautilus, tooltips, text improvements (lighter text)
- More lightness in menus and desktop items (transparancy and toned colors)
- Improved active tab and horizontal line gradients.
- Transparent panels and items possible when using flat panel theme (use NW Configurator to set up)
- IconView and Assistant Window themed much better.
- Infobars are styled properly to match the theme.
- Added focus for the items in nautilus and many other apps.
- Improved selected workspace bg color in the applet.
- Fixed the rendering glitch in Appearance manager.
- Improved NW Configurator - transparent panels and more.
- Redesigned progressbars inside treeviews to match the other progressbars better.
- Fixed long standing issue with Evolution's preferences wrong colors.
- Restyled frames in Gedit statusbar and the panel.
- New theme format gtp for easier installation (just double click)

Besides the New Wave Gtk2.x theme, the package also contains:
  • New Wave Configurator (GUI),
  • Emerald themes,
  • Compiz-fusion settings,
  • Second theme with dark menus,
  • Firefox skin,
  • Some metacity tweaks.
  • Time applet tips.
  • Theme for xfwm4 (Xubuntu)

I've been using New Wave ever since the release of Ubuntu Jaunty and it has been my favourite theme since then. I strongly recommend it, but in the end, it's all a matter of taste I guess...

Download New Wave v0.8.2 @ Gnome Look.

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