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Senin, 28 Desember 2009

Read Your Friends' Facebook Updates From A Feed Reader

subscribe facebook updates google reader

I hate the spam on Facebook, such as continuous status updates from Farmville, etc. because it's hard to actually see the interesting stuff your friends post.

But there is a way to avoid this spam and other useless info, and only read your friends' and fan pages status updates, links, notes and more, like jwz points out (via lifehacker): by subscribing to these Facebook updates in a feed reader such as Google Reader, etc. Facebook doesn't make this very easy (or at least not very obvious), so here's what you need to do.

How to subscribe to your Facebook friends updates in a Feed Reader

Firstly, make sure you are logged in on Facebook.

There are multiple feeds for this, each for a certain type of updates. Subscribe to the one you like:

1. Posts

Subscribe by going to THIS link.

facebook posts feed

Clicking on the "My Friends' Links" under "Subscribe to Links" will open the feed: use this feed to subscribe using Google Reader or whatever feed reader you may use.

2. Notes

friends notes

Similar to the way you subscribed to your friends' post updates, you can also subscribe to their notes. Go to THIS link and click the "My Friends' Notes" link under "Subscribe to these Notes".

3. Notifications

subscribe facebook notifications

To subscribe to your Facebook friends' notifications, go to THIS url and look for the subscribe link under "Subscribe to Notifications". You can also check/uncheck the notifications you would like to see.

4. Status Updates

Facebook no longer links to the this feed URL, but you can still get an URL for it. Edit the feed URL you've got from one of the above subscriptions, such as the "Notes" feed URL, and change the part of the URL that says "friends_notes" to "friends_status". Keep the parts of the URL before and after that! Here is how the "Notes" URL looked and how it should look after editing it to use it for "Status Updates":



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