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Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009

Use Netvibes To Add A Highly Customizable Recent Posts Widget To Your Blog

Netvibes offers a widget which can consist on a RSS feed or multiple feeds, you can add to your blog. You can chose between many styles, if the widget should have images or not, etc. Take a look at the images below:
recent posts netvibes widgetnetvibes widget

And here is the live widget. You can customize the number of posts to be displayed and also the user can simply click "next" to see older posts.

To create a "recent posts" Netvibes widget for your blog, go to this page, and click on "Create or submit", then click "Create Widget".

Once you are finished with customizing your widget, click on "Share" and you'll be provided with a code you can insert into your website:


[via techie-buzz]

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