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Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

Theory: Web Based MPD Client [Music Player]

theory web based MPD client

Theory is a mostly Ajax web based MPD client which features a self-contained web server, Amazon album art fetching and, like it's author says, "not ugly".

Other Theory features include:
  • drag/drop playlist reordering
  • fullscreen "party" mode
  • tag-based but includes a simple filesystem browser
  • lyrics fetching from lyricwiki.org
  • semi-accurate linking to the artist's wikipedia page
  • custom randomizer
  • optional (very simple) authentication

Installing and using Theory

Firstly, you need MPD up and running. If you don't have MPD installed and configured, see these 2 articles:
MPD + Sonata = Powerful Audio Player For Linux
Gnome Music Player Client (GMPC) + MPD - Just WOW

Setting up Theory MPD web interface is very easy:

Firstly, get the latest Theory MPD web interface via Git:
git clone git://github.com/ralfonso/theory.git

And install it:
cd theory && ./install.sh

To start Theory:
./run-theory.sh start

And finally, open the following address in your web browser (currently, only Firefox is supported, but should also work in Opera):

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