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Selasa, 06 April 2010

Poll Results: Best Linux Music Player

Last week, we asked you to vote for the best Linux music player. Here are the poll results:

best linux music player poll

So Rhythmbox won this poll making it the first default application to win in our hive five polls.

Banshee snatched the second place with just 2 votes ahead of the 3d place (Amarok). Although not in top 3, Exaile (132 votes - 11%) and MPD (+ all MPD clients) (86 votes - 7%) still grabbed quite a few votes.

Now let's take a look at the results for the "Other answer" - where people voted for applications not in our 5 initial picks:

-Songbird got 54 votes. Not enough to enter the top 5, but still quite a few votes.
-Audacious 1 and 2: 30 votes
-Guayadeque got 20 votes
-gMusicBrowse: 15
-Quod Libet: 13
-Xmms: 6
-Listen: 5

Goggles Music Manager, mocp, Totem, Clementine, cmus, Qmmp, Aqualung, Decibel - all got under 5 votes.

And even VLC got 19 votes so quite a few people use it for listening to music.

Thank you once again for voting! Stay tuned for yet another poll which should come sometime tomorrow.

Browse the previous polls.

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