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Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Finally Opera 10.51 .deb And .rpm Linux Packages

opera 10.51 linux screenshot

Ever since the Opera team started working on the new Opera 10.50 / 10.51, there were no .deb or .rpm packages but this finally changed and you can now install Opera 10.50/10.51 in Debian (and derivates like Ubuntu, etc.), Fedora, openSUSE and so on using .deb and .rpm packages.

Note: it is recommended you back up your your profile ('~/.opera') first to allow you to downgrade should you need to, because once installed Opera will use the default profile (rather than a testing profile).

The new build basically doesn't bring anything new other than native packages for the above mentioned Linux distributions.

Known issues:
  • Packaging: No desktop integration for users of old Desktop Environments on non deb/rpm distros
  • Packaging: Extra unneeded GTK libraries get installed on some distros
  • Packaging: Removal of 'prefix'/'DESTDIR' install script options
  • Font problems
  • Language input issues
  • No KDE integration (yet)
  • Problem with address field drop down position under non compositing Window Managers
  • Black drop down menus for some KDE3 users
  • Black border around Ctrl+Tab dialog when running under compositing Window Managers
  • Some command line options don't work

Remember: Opera 10.51 for Linux is still alpha!

Download Opera 10.51 build 62.52 .deb, .rpm and .tar.gz.

Update: get the latest version from HERE (10.52 alpha).

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