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Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Switch Between The Same Windows Of The Focused Application Using A Keyboard Shortcut [Quick Linux w/ Compiz Tip]

Here is a quick tip which many of you might know but I for one only today came across it and I'm finding it really useful.

Ever since we wrote about the very simple Pidgin/Empathy script to focus the conversation window using a keyboard shortcut, I've been trying (together with WebUpd8 reader RKV) to create a similar script using xdotool for switching between the same windows of the currently focused (active) application: kind of like an ALT + TAB but for an application only (for example: all opened Nautilus windows, all opened OpenOffice Word Processor opened files, etc.). But there's no need of a script after all, as it seems Compiz can do much more things than I could imagine, and comes with an option for the behavior I was telling you about above.

compiz next group window

In fact, 2 Compiz plugins support this: Shift Switcher and Ring Switcher. To use this "next window from the same group as the active window" feature, firstly make sure you enable one of these 2 plugins, then in their settings go to the "Key bindings" tab and select a keyboard shortcut or a Desktop corner for triggering this behavior.

I found that setting a desktop corner as a trigger is very useful if you have many windows of the same application, and then using the scroll wheel on the mouse you can easily navigate between them.

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