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Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Download A Collection Of ~1000 Widescreen HD Wallpapers

1000 hd wallpaper collection
(A few random wallpapers from the ~1000 widescreen HD wallpaper collection)

On the Wallch (Wallpaper Changer) Launchpad page I've found a link to a collection of around 1000 widescreen HD wallpapers and thought I'd share the link with you.

The wallpapers are nicely organized into categories such as: Abstact, Animals, Black&White, Dragons, One Color, Music, Technology, Cars and so on (there's a total of 20 categories).

You can use these wallpapers to automatically set a random wallpaper every X minutes using an application such as Wallch, Wally, Webilder, CreBS and so on.

Download the ~1000 HD wallpaper pack (436.4 MB)

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