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Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

GTK Theme Updates: Atolm, Borderless Elementary



Atolm, the new but already popular dark theme created by the Orta author has been updated yesterday. Here's the changelog for Atolms 0.6.5:
  • Speed optimizations, the theme is now faster than Orta
  • Notebook spacing changed.
  • Notebook tabs changed.
  • Nautilus breadcrumbs and mode button improved.
  • Check, radio buttons and tabs now share the same coloring with buttons.
  • White arrows on spinbuttons fixed.
  • Ubuntu Software Center text colors fixed.
  • Emesene status button text color fixed.
  • Pidgin status toggle button text color fixed.
  • Various Evolution Fixes.
  • OpenOffice text visibility fixes.

Download Atolm

Borderless Elementary

Borderless Elementary

Borderless Elementary is just a modified Elementary theme which looks very slick thanks to the removal of the borders and smaller widgets. This theme is ideal for a netbook, but looks great on any screen resolution.

To use it, download and extract the .zip, then rename the folder to "borderless-elementary" and move it to the ~/.themes folder (or /usr/share/themes if you want the root windows to be themed too).

Then in the Appearance Preferences window, select the normal Elementary theme, click "Customize" and:

- under the "Controls" tab, select "borderless-elementary"
- under the "Window Border" tab select "borderless-elementary"

Download Borderless Elementary

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