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Senin, 17 Januari 2011

LibreOffice User Interface Mockups (With Sidebar)

Paulo José posted some very interesting LibreOffice UI mockups at DeviantArt for which he says the main inspiration was the Blender UI:

LibreOffice UI mockup

LibreOffice UI Mockups

Please note that these mockups are not official! More mockups @ http://pauloup.deviantart.com/gallery/28216273

Update January 18th: After seing Paulo's mockup, Nathaniel (thanks!) wondered how it would look with the default Ubuntu Ambiance theme/Humanity icons instead of a custom theme and here is the result:

Libreoffice sidebar mockup
(Image original link: Flickr)

What do you think?

See also: More LibreOffice Mockups: Citrus UI

Thanks to Paulo José for the tip!

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